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Greetings from Vina Tâm Vietnam!


Our Motto: Good Chemistry makes Printer Smile!

That’s what we do, being PrintersPartner and delivering excellence in Press Room Chemistry
from FUJIFILM-DS Chemport, just named and listed as
   by VinaTâm,
Stabilat Fountain Solution for total Alcohol free Printing
ALUNET Plate Cleaner

Beside this, you get a lot of useful things for Printer:
Techkon SpectroDENS Colorimeter & Densitometer,
Techkon SpectroPLATE for PrePress Quality Control & Assurance
Quality from Germany

VULCAN Printing Blankets fro Trelleborg
CONTI AIR Blankets from Continental

With our all-new Alcohol Replacement Stabilat H-8000
no longer any Alcohol is needed to run Offset Presses in hot climate.
STABILAT H8000 replaces 100% of alcohol used traditional in the Offset Process.
The full substitute of IPA alcohol saves additional money.
It is tested and approved by FOGRA: with Corrosion inhibitor.
This means that your valuable machines are protected from corrosion!
Otherwise maintenance cost would rise.
Unlike others, it runs on old and new Machines, in cold and hot environment!
This means:
+ Healthier Environment
+ Save more than 10% on your Ink cost through less consumption
+ more brilliant colors

VinaTam is Printers Partner, we work for your smile.
We work within Vietnam, our Partners work Worldwide.
Where ever you are – ask for your smile!
What ever machine you use: Heidelberg, MAN, manrOland, KBA, Rioby, Mitsubishi, Oliver, Sakurai, GOSS, Harris, …

VinaTam Co. Ltd. Partner of DS Chemport, FUJIFILM

See you on DRUPA 2020!