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What we do
Products and Services:
PrePress solutions and Materials, Plates, etc.
Press Room Chemicals, Ink, Varnish, Cleaning systems,
related consumables and materials, etc.
PostPress Solutions.
TECHKON SpectroPlate for PrePress PrintCurve & DotGain Control
Color Quality Assurance & Control according to ISO 12647 with TECHKON SpectroDENS
SpotColor Tone Value Color measurement SCTV according to ISO 20654:2017
Import & Export of used machinery and spare-parts.
Service Technician.
Sheetfed & Web-Offset, Dry-Offset, Flexo, Letterpress, Silkscreen, Cup making, Coating & Varnishing, Digital Printing,

Our Core Vision
“We market, service and produce consumables, materials, new and used machinery as well as systems, consultancy and training’s required to enhance the profitable competitiveness of our customers”.
Thats: Printers, Publishers and Packers and all how use Print, Packaging and Labeling Solutions, as well as Security Solutions in Pack & Print or Currency

Where We Are
We are located in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, with partnering Office in Germany, Berlin.

Who we are
We are a group of well experienced persons from the graphics Industry with 100+ years experience.
We know Newspaper Business, Web-Fed as well as Sheet-Fed Production, Post-press (bookbindery), or Security Labeling. And we know enough about Pre-Press that Web2Print can be done on conventional Sheet-fed machines.

We speak Vietnamese, English and German.
We try always to handle everyone as fair as we want to be handled ourselves.



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